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From Mountain to Fjord

Man standing on mountain top overlooking the fjord
Expecting Fjord Norway

The main focus of this course is on the geology and ecology of western Norway. The campus is located on the shores of the Sogndalsfjord - a tributary of the famous Sognefjord- which offers a unique natural laboratory for fieldwork and research.

The location of the campus gives access to a variety of eco-systems, ranging from alpine through lowland to a marine fjord environment.

Programme 2014


From Mountain to Fjord is a interdisciplinary course and consists of three consecutive blocks including a total of 21 days fieldwork and excursions to the surrounding land and fjord areas.

The course focuses on the interaction of ecological documentation and geological source interpretation within the changing environment.

General Study Information

  • ECTS Credits: 30
  • Duration: August to December
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Admission Requirements: Please find information in the Study Programme
  • Location: Sogndal


Head of study: Matthias Paetzel. E-mail. Phone: +4757676238

Faculty of Engineering and Science

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