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Welcome to Førde

The town of Førde
The town of Førde

The Faculty of Health Studies, the division of Engineer Studies and several further educations are located in the town of Førde.

Førde is the centre of the Sunnfjord region and the biggest city of Sogn og Fjordane County, situated along the Førdefjord, only a four hours drive from Bergen. Førde has a population of 12 000 people and roughly 500 students.

In recent years Førde has developed into the most important centre of commerce between Bergen and Ålesund, just a 10 minutes' walk takes you to more than 150 shops. The focal point of culture in the region is "Førdehuset". In Førdehuset you will find theatre, cinema, library, fine arts, sports, swimming pool and much more.

As the town of Førde is situated in the middle of the "fjord country" it is an excellent starting point for exploring glaciers, fjords and the coastline. The area provides excellent opportunites for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and skiing.

Campus location and facilities
Campus Førde is a new and modern campus built in 2006 and located just outside the city centre. Campus buildings are open 24 hours a day and are fully equipped with study rooms, computer labs and free wireless network. Campus Førde offers modern teaching facilities with a high-tech practice centre for nursing students and fully equipped labs for engineer students. The central hospital of Sogn & Fjordane is located right next to campus. The library offers students a broad selection of resources as well as the possibility to find information in national and international databases.

The student houses are located just a 10 minutes walk from campus and the city centre is only five minutes away if you go by bus.

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